Module 2:
How Habits and Attitudes Determine Net Worth!

Part I. My Net Worth

1. My current net worth (or my best guess!!): This is how much money I have to my name.

2. My new net worth I am trying on for the moment.

3. How does this make me feel?

4. How would I spend some of this money?

Part II. Meet Teen X!!!

Her net worth is $53,971.52. What do you think her habits and attitudes toward money are?

A. Her habits:

  • She’s organized.
  • She keeps track of her money.
  • She invests her money.
  • She spends her money wisely.

Add your own ideas about Teen X’s money habits here:

B. Her Attitudes

  • Money is important to her.
  • She is energetic about her money.
  • She is creative about finding ways to make money.
  • She likes to be accurate about her money.
  • She likes to learn about how money works.
  • She enjoys the subject of money.
Add your own ideas about Teen X’s money attitudes here:

C. Our Judgments:

  • She’s greedy.
  • She’s miserly.
  • She’s selfish.
  • She doesn’t do anything but make money.
  • She doesn’t have any fun.
  • She is rude.
  • She is a thief.
  • She gets her money dishonestly.
Add your own judgments about Teen X here:

What have you realized about wealthy people so far? Write your thoughts here.

Part III. My current attitudes and beliefs about money

Money is hard to make, especially for someone my age.
Rich people have jobs that pay a lot.
Most people who have a lot of money are greedy.
Most people who have a lot of money step all over other people.
Most people who have a lot of money come from wealthy families.
I am just a person who spends every penny that comes to me and there’s not a lot I can do about it. It’s just a problem I have.
Rich people are just lucky.
I could be happier if only I had more money.
Rich people are better people than poor people.
A person shouldn’t really want more than just enough to live on, maybe just a little more.
Rich people are selfish and the rest of us suffer because of them.
Poor people are more spiritually fulfilled.
I will probably always be middle class. My best shot at being rich is to marry into money.
People with big salaries have more money than people with small salaries.
Money is boring. I don’t know anything about how to make it grow, and I am not good at that kind of thing.
Spending is the most fun thing about money.
Smart people have a better chance of becoming rich, because money is a complicated subject.
I don’t understand the laws of money. They seem complicated to me. I don’t know anyone who can teach me, so I have very little chance of becoming really rich.
I don’t have enough money right now to do anything about all this “getting rich” business. If I had more money, then I could use it to become rich.
Whenever I get any money, it always seems like spending it is the right thing to do. I want the things I buy, and why shouldn’t I have them?

What have you learned about points of view?

Part IV. Big Principle

TFAR Statements

Thoughts lead to feelings lead to actions lead to results.

Pick a statement from the list that YOU really think is true and explore it in the TFAR box below.


Feelings it makes me have:

Actions these feelings make me feel like taking:

Results of these actions that are related to money:

Note: In the WealthQuest for Teens program, "Rich" and "Wealth" mean having the money you need to have the life you want and to make a difference in the world in ways that matter to YOU. Does that sound like a good definition to you?